Symbol Typer - UI library

For the fans of the Wingdings font, something to reminisce about our childhood.

Sometimes when you write, you type textual symbols like :) or <3. Wouldn't it be nice to see those symbols rendered nicely as what they represent? By using the power of icon fonts Symbol Typer will replace those patterns you defined with their symbols. I did this before it became the norm to edit text with Emojis. I was solving the problem of editing text with symbols inserted during editing. It could still be used together with Emojis or an icon font.

With Symbol Typer symbols appear as you type while you are editing the text, symbols become characters part of the text you are editing. And even better, Symbol Typer counts the symbols that were typed so you can use that information when you render the text later. The symbols are no longer just decorative, you can also use them to convey information.

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