Les Jeux Olympiques 2012
Olympic games platform

This project started by creating the first sport platform of France Télévisions "FranceTv Sport" (https://www.francetvsport.fr). This was key project for the company to then host this 2012 Olympic Games portal. Released 100 days early before the begining of the Olympics, this website was created by an awesome scrum team of 8. It was the official website to cover the 2012 Olympic Games in France.

In the "Special projects team", my role was to develop several pages of the website including the homepage and finals page, and also the newsletter subscription process.

The video coverage during the event was outstanding (check the screenshots below): users could follow their favorite sports and could choose between 15 live competitions, they could view all replays of videos they missed, share their favorite moments in a video, and see live results and athlete data while watching a competition along with news and basic info (calendar, medals, etc.). The player was developped externally but it's worth showcasing it since it made our website a huge success.

This is one of my favourite projects. The scrum we practiced was world class, my team was 👌, this project was a great adventure and great public service!

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