Foto Fasto - Image Processing App

Foto Fasto is an app that allows you to choose an image to process, apply filters and transforms, and then save the processed image. The transformations only apply to the original image and don't add up.

It was an assignment for the image processing course at TCD. The goal was to learn Processing and use its API to manipulate images and apply image processing basics. It was fun to play with filters and be able to develop custom image filters (warhol1 & warhol2). But the most difficult part was to develop the interface because it had to be "manually" drawn and events had to be tracked with booleans.

It was raw interface programming but in the end that taught me UI basics, event driven programming, a bit of OOP and it was a huge satisfaction when it finally worked after some late nights ...!

You can download it from the links below, the sketch source code is included. Installation tips are in the readme file.

Download links:


  • processing 1.5.1
  • java 1.6.0_33 or above
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